Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Speakers and Topics for the Fota XIII Liturgical Conference in Co. Cork, Ireland, July 2-3

St Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy is pleased to announce the speakers and topics of the XIII Fota International Liturgy Conference, which will be held on July 2-3 in the New Hall at Ballyhea, Charleville, Co. Cork (Ireland). The conference is titled Worship in Spirit and in Truth, and is intended to mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger’s book The Spirit of the Liturgy. Registrations may be made on line by email to

  1. Mariusz Biliniewicz (Sydney): Twenty years of reception of Ratzinger’s The Spirit of the Liturgy.
  2. Joseph Briody (Boston): Obedience over Sacrifice (1 Sam 15, 22; Hos 6, 6): Liturgical Interiority and Biblical Covenantal Attentiveness.
  3. Brian A. Butcher (Montreal): The Spirits of the Liturgy: Ressourcement vs. Aggiornamento in Contemporary Eastern-Rite Worship.
  4. Sven Conrad (Germany): The relationship of the Old and the New Testament in the light of the Logos incarnatus. Joseph Ratzinger’s solution of the spiritualisation of the idea of worship.
  5. Bryce Evans (USA): The Role of the Sacred Liturgy in Joseph Ratzinger's Fundamental Theology.
  6. Manfred Hauke (Lugano): Reservation and Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Its theological and pastoral importance.
  7. John Hayes (USA): Worship in Spirit and Truth: A Biblical Foundation for Ratzinger’s Notion of Active Participation.
  8. Matthew Hazell (GB): The Spirit of Liturgical Reform and the Vota of the Second Vatican Council Fathers.
  9. Serafino Lanzetta (GB): The Sacrifice of the Logos incarnatus. Ratzinger's Theology of the Liturgy in perspective.
  10. Roland Millare (USA): An Iconic Theology of Liturgy for the World: A Rapprochement Between Joseph Ratzinger and Eastern Orthodox Theology.
  11. Kevin Zilverberg (USA): Worship in Truth (John 4, 23–24): Polyvalent Veritas in the Latin Fathers.

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