Thursday, May 19, 2022

My Interview with Jeff Cassman About the Reform of Holy Week

Last Saturday, I did an interview with Mr Jeff Cassman about the 1955 Holy Week reform, which he published yesterday morning on his YouTube channel. We touch on quite a number of different aspects of the topic: a basic summary of the changes; the reform as a preparation for greater reforms then still to come, including the post-Conciliar reform; the role of Abp Bugnini in its creation; the prayer for the Jews, etc. My thanks to Mr Cassman for his gracious invitation to appear on his channel, and for being such an easy interviewer to talk to.

Last month, Mr Cassman spoke with Mr Louis Tofari of Romanitas Press on the same subject. Mr Tofari and I disagree quite strongly on this topic, and some of what I say in my interview is in reply to what he says in his. For the sake of full disclosure, here are the two parts of his interview, which I think speaks for itself. I will only comment that to the despite of Mr Cassman’s questions, he spends over two hours assiduously avoiding any concrete discussion of the reform itself in its specific details.

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