Wednesday, June 08, 2022

A Recent Armenian Liturgy in California

Our readers may remember Fr John Henry Hanson, O. Praem., of St Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, California, who contributed the articles “Encountering the Sacred Mysteries East of Byzantium: The Armenian Liturgy as a Home away from Rome” (link) and “Some Ritual Features of the Armenian Catholic Liturgy” (link) and whose own celebration of the Armenian liturgy has been shared in a colorful gallery (link). In this latest photo essay, Fr John Henry provides a gallery of photos from a Divine Liturgy celebrated on May 29 by His Beatitude Raphael Bedros XXI at the Armenian Catholic Cathedral of St Gregory the Illuminator in Glendale, California, during his recent pastoral visit to the area. Fr John Henry is shown in white mitre, assisting at the right of His Beatitude.

The procession into the church begins outside in the cathedral courtyard.
The procession as it nears the sanctuary. The Patriarch is flanked by Fr John Henry and Fr Andon. Armenian bishops and Patriarchs wear a Latin-style mitre, whereas simple priests wear a crown (saghavard).

Patriarch with assisting priests and subdeacons line the sanctuary steps as they recite the prayers at the foot of the altar, which include Psalm 42.
Patriarch and assistants gradually ascend the sanctuary as they recite Psalm 42.
They arrive at the altar platform.
Incensations carried out by the Patriarch after the Preparation of the Oblation, a kind of “minor offertory” carried out behind the drawn sanctuary curtain.
Reading of the Gospel.
As the creed is recited, a subdeacon holds aloft the Gospel book.
Blessing given before the invitation to exchange a sign of peace, which is always given prior to the anaphora.
During the anaphora: all priests at the altar, including the Patriarch, remove their marks of office before beginning the anaphora. The Patriarch removes his mitre, ring, pectoral icon, and omophorion; priests remove their crown.
Final blessing

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