Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Updates on the Restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris

Good Friday of this year also marked the third anniversary of the terrible fire that inflicted so much damage on the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. The English-language YouTube channel of the news service France24 has done annual updates on the progress of the restorations, which are quite interesting: in this year’s, we get to see among other things the internal workings of the church’s famous organ, being fixed by restorers located quite far from Paris, and the recent discovery of both a tomb in the floor and some parts of the original roodscreen, which was demolished in the 16th century. 

Here is last year’s update, which focused on the broader structural problems caused to the building as a whole, and the efforts to preserve it. It also shows work being done on some of the side-chapels, which have uncovered some of the restorations by Eugène Viollet le Duc, who dedicated much of his life to bring the church back to life after the devastation visited on it during the Revolution.   

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