Friday, April 08, 2022

Passiontide Photopost 2022 (Part 2)

We continue with your photos of churches veiled for Passiontide. There will definitely be one more post in this series before we move on to Holy Week, and there’s always room for more, so if you have photos you would like to contribute, please send them in to, and remember to include the name and location of the church. Evangelize through beauty!

St Mary’s – Providence, Rhode Island (FSSP)
St Patrick – Morristown, Tennessee
a private chapel
St Thomas Aquinas – Charlotte, North Carolina
Oratory of St Francis de Sales – St Louis, Missouri (ICRSP)
Courtesy of Mr Patrick McCoy: the high altar
the Lady altar
the altar of St Joseph
Holy Family – Southampton, England
St Mary of Perpetual Help – Chicago, Illinois
St Benedict – Ridgely, Maryland
St Elizabeth – Denton, Maryland
St Mary’s – Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (FSSP)

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