Sunday, April 10, 2022

Passiontide 2022 Photopost (Part 3)

Our final photopost of Passiontide veils begins with pictures sent by one of our most assiduous photopost contributors, Mr João Melo, of a diaconal ordination celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the Fourth Sunday of Lent by His Excellency Fernando Rifan, for the Personal Apostolic Administration São João Maria Vianey de Campos. We wish you all a most blessed Palm Sunday, and look forward to seeing your photos!

The next three sets come from the tireless Mr Arrys Ortañez, who is once again doing some clever work with filters; this first picture looks like it could have been published in Life Magazine in the 1940s. All three of these churches are in New York City.
Holy Innocents
St Mary’s Winfield
St Vincent Ferrer, on his traditional feast day, April 5
Cathedral of St Patrick  Charlotte, North Carolina
Note how this stained-glass window of the Crucifixion has a pelican in the medallion at top, a reference to the medieval legend that pelicans feed their young with their own blood by pecking upon their own breast...
while in the window of the Resurrection right next to it, the medallion has a phoenix, for obvious reasons. 
Oratory of St Philip Neri  London, England
Photos courtesy of Mr John Ryan Debil, who also shared photos of his private oratory, a project into which he has put a huge amount of effort, with very impressive results.
Church of St Anthony  Calgary, Albert (FSSP)
Church of St Dominic and Shrine of the Most Holy Rosary  London, England
Photos courtesy of Fr Lawrence Lew
Dominican Mass on the feast of St Vincent

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