Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Roman Pilgrims at the Station Churches 2022

Since 2014, it has been NLM’s Lenten custom to follow our Roman pilgrim friend Agnese Bazzucchi in her daily visit to the station churches kept by the diocese of Rome and the Pontifical Academy of Martyrs (Pontificia Academia Cultorum Martyrum), although the last couple of years, the series has been rudely interrupted... Hopefully things will go better this year, in which Agnese will once again be joined by Mr Jacob Stein, author of the blog PassioXp, who took up the station church itinerary shortly after arriving in Rome in 2015.
This year, Jacob is giving us a bit more in depth with with daily videos about the station churches at his YouTube channel Crux Stationalis. Do him a favor by subscribing and turning on notifications, to help the channel to grow and ensure that you don’t miss a video. Here are the first three in the series, which cover the station churches of Fore-Lent, St Lawrence Outside-the-Walls on Septuagesima, St Paul Outside-the-Walls on Sexagesima, and St Peter’s on Quinquagesima.

The very first of Agnese’s photos from the first Roman Pilgrim post back in 2014: Mass at San Giorgio in Velabro on the Thursday after Ash Wednesday.

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