Friday, March 25, 2022

Congregational Book for Pre-55 Holy Week Now Available at Discounted Prices

Three weeks ago, I announced here on NLM the publication of “A New Deluxe Congregational Booklet for Pre-55 Holy Week and Pentecost Vigil.” The news was greeted with much rejoicing. However, the price remained a sticking point.

The publisher has asked me to relay following message:

“We are very pleased to update you on a big discount we’re able to run for the book. We’re now able to sell the book ourselves through, rather than Barnes & Noble, and offer the book at a 20% Discount across the board for all purchases. The shipping cost is also cheaper than Barnes & Noble’s, and all the bulk order discounting is still available.

International Shipping is also available through our store, for individual and bulk orders, so that the books will (hopefully) get there in time for Palm Sunday! Unfortunately B&N didn’t have this international option, but we are able to do it.

The link to the purchasing page is the same:

This price change is temporary while we deplete our current stock, but we will try to replenish our stock to accommodate the demand if they go too quickly. Hopefully, demand for the book will enable us to maintain this pricing and purchasing option; otherwise we may have to go back to selling through Barnes & Noble, which would unfortunately drive the price up again.

We pray you are having a blessed and fruitful Lent so far.”

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