Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Roman Pilgrims at the Station Churches 2022 (Part 2)

We continue with our annual visit to the Lenten stations in Rome with Agnese, and Jacob’s video being posted daily on his YouTube channel Crux Stationalis.
Ember Wednesday – Saint Mary Major
Many of the station churches have a special display of relics on the day of the station; Santa Maria Maggiore, which is also the station for the Wednesday of Holy Week, has a particularly beautiful one of the True Cross, which below we see carried in procession.
From Jacob: the basilica’s bell and umbrella, which are part of the insignia granted to every such church. Traditionally, when the chapter of a basilica participated in a procession, they were required to carry these with them. 
Thursday of the First Week of Lent – San Lorenzo in Panisperna
This church is built over the site traditionally held to be the very place of the martyrdom of St Lawrence, which is now within the crypt.

The procession in the courtyard of the basilica.
A photo of the high altar by Jacob.
Ember Friday – Twelve Apostles
From Jacob: reliquaries of the Apostles Ss Philip and James, whose relics are kept in this church, whence the Roman custom of keeping their feast together jointly on May 1st.
Ember Saturday – St Peter’s Basilica
The Second Sunday of Lent – Santa Maria in Domnica

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