Tuesday, March 22, 2022

FSSP Sacred Music Symposium in Los Angeles, June 20-24

The Fraternity of St Peter in Los Angeles is pleased to announce that its Sacred Music Symposium is taking place this summer from June 20-24th. A refreshing retreat for choral directors and dedicated parish singers, this event is organized with the aim of promoting the use of authentic sacred music in parishes. The Symposium draws upon the expertise of leading conductors and composers in the field of sacred music to inspire, challenge and encourage those who provide music for Holy Mass. Everything taught at it can be applied to both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Forms and put into immediate practical use.
This year the focus is on directing and developing excellent volunteer choirs. The week’s events will culminate in a glorious special Mass for the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at which the music learned during the week will be sung.
To learn more about it or to register for this conference please visit https://www.ccwatershed.org/symposium/ or email sacredmusicsymposiumla@gmail.com.

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