Saturday, February 15, 2020

Burying the Alleluja 2020 (Part 2)

Here are two more examples of churches burying the Alleluja on Septuagesima Sunday. The first comes from the Cebuano Summorum Pontificum Society in Cebu in the Philippines.

The second comes from the church of St Joseph in Troy, New York, a parish of the Carmelite Friars of the Old Observance. Since this is a purely informal custom, one is free to observe it as one deems best, so here the Alleluja is “buried” under the altar-cloth of the altar of the Virgin Mary.

In the Carmelite Rite, Candlemas is one of the days on which a procession is held with four different stations, as described in this post from last year, when it was done on the Ascension. This was the first time St Joseph’s held it for the Purification.

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