Friday, February 07, 2020

Candlemas 2020 Photopost (Part 1)

Once again, we have had a very generous response to our request for photos of your Candlemas liturgies, so there will be at least three posts in this series. This means that there is still plenty of time to send your photos in if you haven’t already done so ( As always, we are very grateful to all of our readers who contributed; know that you are doing great work to inspire and encourage others to better and more beautiful celebrations of the sacred liturgy. Evangelize through beauty!

San Pancrazio – Ancignano di Sandrigo, Italy (Diocese of Vicenza)
Tradition will always be for the young!
St John Henry Newman Parish – Melbourne, Australia
Prince of Peace – Taylors, South Carolina
Extraordinary Form
Ordinary Form
Chapelle St Jean Baptist – Toulouse, France (ICRSP)
St Catherine of Alexandria – Zagreb, Croatia
St Patrick’s Church – Wilmington, Delaware
Photos by Allison Girone

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