Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Requiem Mass and Tomb Dedication in Covington, Kentucky

On October 26, His Excellency Roger Foys, bishop of Covington, Kentucky, celebrated a Requiem Mass and Entombment for Camillus Paul Maes, who served as the third bishop of the diocese from 1885 to 1915, in the cathedral-basilica of the Assumption. Bishop Maes was the visionary behind the construction of the grand neo-Gothic cathedral, which is modeled after Notre Dame de Paris. The entombment of his remains in the church’s former baptistry fulfills his final wish to be buried in the cathedral, and honors his contributions to the Church in northern Kentucky. A video of the complete service is included below.

Designed by our friend Dcn Jordan Hainsey, in collaboration with Philadelphia-based Saint Jude Liturgical Studio, the new tomb features a sarcophagus of white and green marble with an effigy of Bishop Maes in full pontificals, lying in repose. Each item of his vestments modelled on something worn by a previous bishop of Covington; the entire tomb will sit beneath a newly completed starry vault, reminding God’s Pilgrim People that our ultimate destination is Heaven.

Very nice black vestments!

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