Friday, November 15, 2019

Question on Gospel of the Nativity of Mary, Sept. 8

I am preparing a "Evangelarium" with the music to chant all the Gospels of the year according to the Dominican Rite.  This will replace, for the Gospels, the Cantus Lectionum Missarum pro Dominicis et Festis Maioribus, currently distributed by Dominican Liturgy Publications, which, as the title indicates, has music only for Sundays and major feasts.

The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary is the Genealogy of Our Lord according to Mathew.  It is identical to the Gospel sung at Matins of Christmas.  That Matin's Gospel has an elaborate solemn tone.

Does anyone know if that Gospel was sung using that solemn tone during the Mass of the Nativity of Mary? Or was it simply sung to the usual Gospel tone at that Mass? I can find nothing in the Dominican Caeremoniale, Processionarium, Graduale, or Missal indicating one way or the other.

Thanks for the kindness, if any of our readers can help me on this. Simply reply in the Combox.  Again, thanks!

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