Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Booksale: Belloc, Hymnals, Chant Books, etc.

As I continue to run out of shelf space, I have decided to reduce my personal library by some nice volumes that I enjoyed reading but do not feel the need to keep. I have, in particular, a large pool of biographies and other works by Hilaire Belloc, mostly in large-format hardcover editions that are not plentiful anymore on the used book circuit. A few of the following have my bookplate in them, or are inscribed in pen to earlier owners, or have light pencil markings in margins.

If anyone is interested in purchasing several Belloc books, I am happy to oblige by packing them into a single box. I can also answer your questions about which publisher, edition, and year these are. Price is for the book; shipping (Media rate unless you request Priority) is additional.

Cranmer  ($25) sold
Elizabeth  ($25) sold
Charles I  ($40) sold
Cromwell  ($30) sold
James II  ($25) sold

Joan of Arc  ($25) sold
Richelieu  ($30) sold
Louis XIV  ($30) sold
Danton  ($25) sold
Napoleon  ($30) sold

Europe and the Faith  ($25) sold
Crisis of Civilization  ($30) sold
Survivals and New Arrivals  ($20)
Selected Essays  ($30)
The Four Men  ($30)

Also: G.K. Chesterton’s whimsical (as always) A Short History of England  ($30). sold

Then a fairly random selection:
SOLD  Directing the Choral Music Program by Kenneth Phillips. Like new. $20. (List price at Amazon: $92.66.)
SOLD Antiphonale Monasticum (1934, reprint ed.), $60. SOLD Liber Usualis (n. 780, from 1921), $60.

SOLD The Proper of the Mass Set to Simple Music by A. Edmonds Tozer. 2 hardcover volumes. Fischer, 1957 & 1950. Vol. I: Sundays, Holydays, Principal Feasts; Vol. II: Sanctoral, Votive Mass, and Lesser Feasts. SATB harmonizations for all Latin propers. Frequent but neat markings in the first volume; no markings in the second volume. Set: $60.

Various German-language hymnals:
  • 2 copies of Gotteslob Kirchengebet und Kirchenlied, 1942, with beautiful black and red printing throughout. $30.
  • Das Ordensburch fuer die Terziaren des heiligen Franziskus, by P. Theoderich Senftle, OFM Cap., 1952. $30.
  • Kirchengesangbuch. Katholisches Gesang- und Gebetbuch der Schweiz. 1978. With color medieval plates and Gregorian chant. $20.
  • Die Namen der Orgelregister by Thekla Schneider. 1958 reference work. 70 pp. With illustrative plates. $18.
SOLD  St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa contra gentiles in Latin, complete in one volume. Marietti, 1922. 560 pp. $30.
Saint Thomas Aquinas. Selections from His Works Made by George N. Shuster. Translations from Thomas Gilby. Wood engravings by Reynolds Stone. New York: The Heritage Press, 1971. 112 pp., with slipcover. $50.
Rare set of publications from The Aquinas Society of London: No. 5 (Callus, 1946, 35pp.), No. 21 (Pepler, 1953, 22pp.), No. 30 (Knowles, 1956, 14pp.), and No. 33 (White, 1958, 22pp.). $32 for the lot.
A variety of hymnals, Catholic and Anglican:
  • Vatican II Hymnal. $8.
  • Choral Praise Comprehensive. $10.
  • SOLD The Hymnal 1982. $15.
  • SOLD Mediator Dei Hymnal. GIA, 1955. $20.
  • SOLD St Gregory Hymnal. Full edition, large format hardcover. The outside is beaten up but the inside is in excellent condition, free of markings, creases, or stains. The binding sits flat, so perfect for photocopying. $20.
  • SOLD Summit Choirbook. A great hymnal with a lot of rare items in it. The title on the spine was printed crookedly but the interior is fine. Practically impossible to find. $40.
  • Cantate et Jubilate Deo: A Devotional and Liturgical Hymnal. Scepter/Midwest Theological Forum. James Socias. 1999. $20.
  • Adoremus Hymnal. Original melody edition. $5.
  • The Pius X Hymnal. Abridged (melody) edition for Congregational Singing. Boston, 1956. Thick paper cover with red endpapers. $18.
  • The Saint Rose Hymnal. Boston, 1957. Nearly all in 2-part harmony. $20.
  • SOLD Hymns Ancient & Modern. School Edition with Daily Services. London, William Clowes. 1958. Over 400 pp. $25.
The Trinity Chant-Book by Richard Marlow. $8.
Anthems for Choirs 1 ($16); Sixteenth-Century Anthem Book ($6 sold); Oxford Easy Anthem Book ($18); Richard Marlow’s single and double descants on 21 hymns ($10).
SOLD  Liturgical book for the Pastoral Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States of America, April 2008. Limited edition hardcover, gilt edges, with white and gold ribbons, gold stamping on cover, faux leather binding, red textured endpapers, white and red printing. $25.
Seventeen Sacred Songs, low voice edition ($12). Librettos of the Wagner Operas, New York, Crown Publishers, 1938, 470pp. with copious musical examples ($18). Beethoven’s Egmont Overture, small score ($4). J.S. Bach, Mass in B minor, choral parts with keyboard reduction, Schirmer ($9).
  • Graduale Triplex, like new, $58. Still available! NEW PRICE: $50
  • SOLD Kyriale in Modern Notation, Fischer, 1927, $18.
  • SOLD Liber Hebdomadae Sanctae Cantus Gregoriani, like new, $12.
  • Kyriale seu Ordinarium Missae, Desclee 1938, an extract from the Graduale Romanum 1*-93*, cover well-worn but with unusual decorative embossing, interior pages in good condition, $15.
  • SOLD Documenta pro congregatione Solesmensi ad antiphonale et breviarium accomodandum, 1973; prayers, antiphons, hymns, etc. for the enrichment of the Graduale Romanum according to the calendar of Solesmes, text only, $10. An item for a specialist.
  • SOLD Cisterician-rite Gradual. Copy is falling apart but the contents are all present and clean; should be rebound. These are very hard to find in any condition. $20.
More Cistercian chant books:
  • SOLD Laudes Vespertinae (2 matching copies). Westmalle. Exquisite books: black and red printing throughout (including red letters at the start of each phrase), enlarged capitals; Solesmes rhythmic marks are lightly penciled in. The content consists of chants in honor of the Blessed Sacrament, the Virgin Mary, the saints, the temporal cycle, and miscellaneous. A good many pieces in here aren’t found anywhere else in the chant repertoire. $20 each. 
  • SOLD Processionale Cisterciense. 1946. Cistercian chants for processions on various occasions throughout the year. Same series as the one above: Westmalle. $20.
  • SOLD Supplementa. A more recent publication (1965) that gives additional antiphons and chants for Cistercian Divine Office and Mass, before it was all swept away in the liturgical reform. May the Lord raise up Cistercians who will use all these books again. $20. 
If interested in any of the above, please contact me at the email given on the side bar of NLM (, or write to me via my website Thank you and God bless!

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