Friday, March 08, 2019

Photopost Request: Latin Mass Permission Slips

After seeing our recent posts about “permission slips” to attend the Latin Mass from the pre-Ecclesia Dei era (here and here), a reader sent another one in to Peter, this time from the Diocese of Austin, Texas, from October of 1988. The broader indult had only just been issued, and it is nice to see that the bishop, John McCarthy, wrote that he was “happy to oblige” requests for the celebration of the traditional Mass. Permission was given for a regular Sunday celebration. He also notes that if the appointed celebrant should be unavailable, the diocese will endeavor to provide a substitute, and while he warns that this might not always be possible, he “hope(s) that those times will be few and far between.” By the standards of the era, this was actually quite generous; I am sure some of our readers remember indult Masses that were highly restrictive or inconvenient as to both time and location. (In the later 1990s, I heard of one Sunday indult Mass that foundered because it was celebrated in a terrible neighborhood at 2:30pm.) Bishop McCarthy passed away in August of last year at the age of 88, 17 years after retiring. Requiescat in pace. (Click photo to enlarge.)

It occurs to me that some of you may have had similar experiences, and may still have letters in re in a similar vein, either positive or negative. If you would like to share them with your fellow readers (many of whom are too young to have any first-hand knowledge of what went into the defense and promotion of the traditional rite) please feel free to send photos of them to the regular photopost email address: The higher the resolution the better; be sure to include along with the photo any other information you think pertinent. We will of course be happy to credit you by name, or to leave your name off, as you deem best. Thanks in advance!

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