Friday, July 06, 2018

First Mass Celebrated Coram Episcopo in Wisconsin

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, newly-ordained Fr Peter Lee celebrated his first Mass as a Solemn Mass, with His Excellency Robert Morlino, Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin, in attendance, and with Fr John Zuhlsdorf serving as the Assistant Priest, at the church of St Mary in Pine Bluff. Music included the Veni Creator of Giammateo Asola, and his Missa secunda a 3 for the Ordinary, Byrd’s Sacerdotes Sancti and Palestrina’s Ego sum panis vitae as Communion motets, Gregorian propers, the solemn Te Deum, and “Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above” as the recessional. These photos by Mr Joseph Hanneman are reproduced courtesy of the Traditional Latin Mass Society of Madison, on whose website you can see the complete set. Our congratulations to Fr Lee, to his family and friends, and to Bishop Morlino and the diocese of Madison - ad multos annos!

In a Missa coram Episcopo, the bishop recites the prayers at the foot of the altar together with the celebrant, with the other ministers saying the responses, and reads the texts of the Mass at the throne from a second Missal. He also blesses the incense at the throne, which is then brought to the celebrant at the altar, blesses the subdeacon and deacon after the singing of the readings, and the water at the Offertory. For the consecration, he kneels at the center of the sanctuary, so the subdeacon moves to the Epistle side; and he gives the final blessing.

Prayers at the foot of the altar
 The bishop blesses the incense before the Gospel

The subdeacon kneels for the blessing of the water at the Offertory, which is done by the bishop from the throne.
Incensation at the Offertory

 The bishop gives the final blessing.
 Kneeling during the Te Deum.

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