Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Artworks Restored in Italy (Part 2)

And speaking of beautiful things, here is the final part of Nicola’s photos from the on-going show at the Regia di Venaria in Turin, Italy, showcasing artworks and objects that have recently been restored in one way or another. Last week we had first a collection of liturgical objects, followed by medieval and Renaissance paintings; today we finish off with mostly Baroque paintings. Many thanks to Nicola for sharing these with us!

Titian - The Penitent St Jerome, 1556-61
Raffaello de Rossi, Polyptych of the Meeting of Christ with Veronia; 1525, from the church of Ss Nazarius and Celsus in Borgomaro, Liguria
Pietro da Cortona - Daniel in the Lions’ Den; 1663 ca., from the Gallery of the Academy in Florence.
Jacopo Bellini - Madonna and Child, ca. 1450; from the Academy of Fine Arts, Lovere
Camillo Procaccini - The Penitent St Jerome, 1590-95; from the Archiepiscopal Sanctuary of St Raphael in Milan.
Marco Basaiti - The Risen Christ, 150-05; from the Ambrosian Library in Milan
Vincenzo Foppa - Crucifixion, 1450 or 1456
Vincenzo Foppa - St Jerome in Prayer, 1485-90
Giuseppe Antonio Tosi, called “Il Cuzzio” - The Madonna of the Immaculate Conception with Ss Joseph and Sebastian, and a Guardian Angel; first quarter of the 17th century, from the parish church of the Assumption in Crevacuore, Piedmont.
Donato Creti - St Frances of Rome Presents the Christ Child to Her Confessor; 1731, from the archives of the archbishopric of Lucca.
Giuseppe Maria Crespi - The Assumption of the Virgin; 1730-32, from the archives of the archbishopric of Lucca.
Pietro Antonio Ferro - Madonna and Child with Ss Francis and Eligius; 1621, from the church of St Francis in Tolve, Basilicata.
Giovanni Domenico Ferretti - The Death of St Joseph; 1742, from the church of St Paul in Florence, known as “San Paolino”
Nicolò de’ Barbari - Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery, ca. 1504
Unknown Hispano-Flemish Master - Triptych of the Assumption, from Penna in Tervina in Umbria, end of the 15th or beginning of the 16th century.
Angiolillo Arcuccio - Triptych, ca. 1465-70, from the Basilica of St Dominic (San Domenico Maggiore) in Naples.
Gian Giacomo da Lodi - Fragments of fresco with stories from the life of St Augustine, from the deconsecrated church of St Mark in Vercelli, ca. 1470-75, now in the Museo Borgogna in Vercelli.

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