Saturday, March 19, 2016

Liturgy, the Basis of Western Culture; Colloquium at Grand Rapids, MI, April 4th

Any who are within striking distance of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on April 4th should make an effort to see Fr Rob Johansen present one of the series Aquinas College Catholic Studies Colloquia, entitled Liturgy, the Basis of Western Culture.

I owe Fr Johansen a great deal. I heard him lecture several years ago on the Evangelization of the Culture; his description of how the liturgy is the main forming influence on the culture was so clear and inspiring to me that it began a whole series of reflections that have become a core part of the driving ideas behind so many of my articles, and published books. I would encourage anybody who is able to attend to make the effort to hear him speak.

Aquinas College’s address is 1607 Robinson Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506; tel 616 632 8900.

The Facebook page is here.

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