Friday, March 27, 2015

The Hungarian Greek-Catholic Church Elevated to Metropolitan Sui Juris Status

As reported last week on Vatican Radio and elsewhere, the Holy Father has elevated the Hungarian Greek-Catholic Church from a church sui juris to the status of a metropolitan church sui juris. The Eparchy of Hajdúdorog has been raised to the status of a metropolitan see, and Fülöp Kocsis, hitherto Bishop of Hajdúdorog, has been appointed the first metropolitan archbishop. The Apostolic Exarchate of Miskolc has been raised to an Eparchy, and a new Eparchy has been created at Nyíregyháza; Bishop Atanáz Orosz has been appointed bishop of the former, and Apostolic administrator of the latter sede vacante. Both are suffragan to Hajdúdorog.

The website of the Hungarian Greek-Catholic Church has posted a very large number of photos of the installation of Metropolitan Fülöp; they are also available on the church’s facebook page, along with a number of links to various videos. Here is just a small selection, reproduced with their kind permission. (This post has been amended; thanks to Mr Samuel Howard for pointing out my original mistake in the combox.)

And here is a video of the complete ceremony; you can make it bigger by clicking the link at the top and watching it in a separate window.

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