Monday, November 03, 2014

Register Now for CMAA Winter Courses

Join the CMAA in Phoenix for Epiphany in January!

Register by November 15th for CMAA Winter courses and receive Early Bird Tuition Rates.

Once again, the CMAA is offering winter courses to help you make your liturgies more beautiful, universal and holy. Two courses will be offered January 5-8, 2015 at the Cathedral of SS Simon and Jude in Phoenix, AZ.

Sing the Mass, a course for priests, deacons and seminarians (or those who work to assist them), will give clergy and seminarians the skills they need to sing their parts with confidence and beauty in the course of the liturgies. This class presupposes no musical knowledge and will be taught in a language friendly to non-musicians.

Winter Chant Intensive, a course for beginners and intermediate chanters offers full immersion into the world of Gregorian chant from the start. You will learn or review how to read and fully navigate all aspects of traditional Gregorian notation (square notes). The course will also address correct Latin pronunciation, the sound and mystery of the eight Church modes, Psalm tones and their applications, questions concerning the rhythm of plainsong, and more.

Winter Chant Intensive will be taught by Jeffrey Morse, of the San Francisco Oratory (in formation) and Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco, CA. Sing the Mass will be taught by Matthew J. Meloche, Director of Sacred Music at the Cathedral of SS Simon and Jude in Phoenix, AZ.

For more information about the courses and registration information, visit the CMAA website here.

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