Monday, November 17, 2014

The Sign of Peace - Latest Issue of Sacred Music Journal - Contents and Sample Article

The latest issue of Sacred Music has just arrived in my mailbox, and contains many substantive articles not only of musical interest, but also general liturgical interest. 
Here’s the table of contents, including a sample article from the journal with editor William Mahrt’s commentary on the recent CDW letter about the Sign of Peace:
  • “Memory” - William Mahrt
  • “Liturgical Theology: Are We Only Just Beginning?” - Fr. Christopher Smith
  • Factum est silentium in cælo: The Silence of Sound in the Heavenly Liturgy and the Sacred Liturgical Renewal” - Nathan Knutson
  • “The Celebration of Sorrow in the Roman Rite” - Fr. Eric M. Andersen
  • Research Interview with Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci - Wilfrid Jones
  • “An Exuberant All-Saints Motet: Victoria's O Quam Gloriosum” - William Mahrt
  • Circular Letter: The Ritual Expression of the Gift of Peace at Mass - CDW
  • “Peaceful Peace” - William Mahrt
  • News
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