Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Lectures at the Sacred Music Colloquium 2013

There are some amazing recordings of music at the Colloquium. Consider this offertory chant from the first day. It is English. It is the liturgical text. It was not difficult. All of these singers met each other only at this event. Why, oh why, do choirs continue to leave out this part of the Mass? Why do priests let them get away with it? 

Here are the lectures from the event. All are worth your time. 

Monday, June 17  
 Remarks at opening dinner, including Prof. Mahrt's address 1:14:34
 Veni Creator Spiritus 3:07
Tuesday, June 18  
 Life-long Learning: Personal Reflections on the Influence of the LiturgyMsgr Andrew Wadsworth53:57
Wednesday, June 19  
 Plenary Lecture
   Written Transcript
Archbishop Alexander K. Sample1:01:09
Thursday, June 20  
 The Art of Effortless SingingDr Mee Ae Cecilia Nam57:45
Friday, June 21  
 Gregorian Chant as the splendor formae of the LiturgyDr William Mahrt58:32/td>
Saturday, June 22  
Sunday, June 23  
 Closing Remarks at Brunch

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