Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Another Newly-Ordained Priest Celebrating the EF

It always warms my heart to see more and more priests, especially younger priests, celebrating the EF. It's important for priests to know both forms of the Roman Rite, so it is particularly encouraging to see the rising generation of priests more and more familiar with both forms of their rite. A reader provides more information about this Mass:
On the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, The Reverend Raymond Flores was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Brooklyn. The following Friday, Father Flores celebrated his First Traditional Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Brooklyn Carmelite Monastery. The Low Mass was the Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on First Fridays. It was attended by the local faithful as well as the cloistered Carmelite sisters, who sang during the entrance, offertory, communion and recessional. Following the Mass Father Flores offered his first priestly blessings.

Photos by Arrys Ortanez

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