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Steal these recordings and use them

I'm going to post all of this amazing music from the colloquium and invite you to take it and use it as you want to. It is all part of the common culture. Remember that these are volunteer singers who paid to come to the event. They have met only this one week and had only a day or two to pull all of this together. There are moments of great beauty and there are also plenty of mistakes -- such is the way real life works. There is no event in the world like this. As I look at the list, I almost can't believe it all happened.

My favorite here is the Requiem. The last Mass was a parish Mass.

Mass in English, Ordinary Form
11th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Tuesday, June 18
Rev Robert Pasley, celebrant
David Hughes, organist

1PreludeIntermezzo, JA 66, Jehan AlainDavid Hughes6:21
2IntroitHearken, O Lord, unto my voice, mode ivRyan2:06
4First ReadingJanet Gorbitz3:22
5PsalmPraise the Lord, my soul, mode viiMorse1:59
6AlleluiaI give you a new commandment, mode iiRyan1:09
8Prayers of the faithfulMissal1:59
9OffertoryI will bless the Lord, mode iMahrt2:39
10Motet at OffertoryHonour and Majesty, Maurice GreeneBuchholz1:38
12Memorial acclamationMissal0:22
13The Lord’s PrayerMissal1:38
14Agnus DeiMissal0:51
15CommunionOne thing have I asked, mode viiMorse5:22
16Motet at CommunionO for a Closer Walk With God, Charles Villiers StanfordBuchholz3:42
17RecessionalWhen in Our Music God Is Glorified, Stanford3:27
18PostludeJoie et clarité des corps glorieux
Les Corps Glorieux, Olivier Messiaen
David Hughes8:33

Organ Recital
Charles Cole
Tuesday, June 18

1Ballo della battagliaBernardo Storace (fl. 1664)
2Felix namqueAnonymous (c. 1520)
3Fugue in E flat (St. Anne) BWV 5552J.S. Bach (1685 - 1750)
4Méditation (from "Suite Médievale")Jean Langlais (1907 - 1991)
5Salve Regina (with sung chant alternatim)Olivier Latry (1962 - )
6Rorate Caeli
Attende Domine
(from "12 Chorale Preludes on Gregorian Chant Themes")
Jeanne Demessieux (1921 - 1968)
7Te DeumJeanne Demessieux (1921 - 1968)

Tuesday, June 18


Wednesday, June 19

Full Recording20:53

Mass in English, Ordinary Form
Wednesday, June 19
Abp Alexander Sample, Celebrant
Jonathan Ryan, organist
Propers by Bruce Ford

1PreludeRhapsody in D-flat Major, Op. 17, No. 1, Herbert HowellsJonathan Ryan7:06
3IntroitHearken to my voice, O Lord, mode ivHughes3:51
4KyrieMass XII, alternatem1:38
5First reading2:00
6GradualBehold, O God, our defender, mode vMahrt2:23
7AlleluiaThe king rejoices, mode viMorse3:06
9HomilyArchbishop Alexander K Sample9:02
10OffertoryI will bless the Lord, mode iHughes1:34
11Motet at OffertoryAve, Maria, Edward ElgarGlenn2:40
12Organ interlude?Jonathan Ryan2:32
13SanctusMass XII1:20
14Pater noster1:54
15Agnus DeiMass XII1:14
16CommunionOne thing have I asked of the Lord, mode iHughes2:37
17Motet at CommunionO quam suavis est, William ByrdBrouwers5:06
18Recessional and PostludeFlourish for an Occasion, William HarrisJonathan Ryan4:52

Thursday, June 20

Full Recording22:48

Requiem Mass in Latin, Extraordinary Form
Msgr Andrew Wadsworth, celebrant
Thursday, June 20

1IntroitRequiem aeternam, Francisco GuerreroBrouwers4:42
2KyrieMissa pro defunctis, GuerreroBrouwers2:06
3GradualRequiem aeternam, GuerreroBrouwers4:09
4TractAbsolve Domine, GuerreroBrouwers1:52
5SequenceDies irae, mode ialternatim6:20
6OffertoryDomine Jesu Christe, GuerreroBuchholz4:34
8SanctusMissa pro defunctisBuchholz2:45
10Agnus DeiMissa pro defunctisBuchholz3:26
11CommunionLux aeterna, GuerreroGlenn1:53
12Motet at CommunionO salutaris, Pierre de la RueMalinka3:48
14At the absolutionLibera me, GuerreroGlenn8:33

Friday, June 21

Full Recording22:10

Memorial of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious, Extraordinary form
Friday, June 21
David Hughes, organist

3IntroitMinuisti eum, mode iiiRyan2:33
4KyrieMass VII3:50
5GloriaMass VII3:11
6First reading1:08
7GradualDomine spes mea, mode vDonelson2:30
8AlleluiaBeatus quem elegisti, mode iiiSchaefer2:37
10Organ interlude 12:11
12OffertoryQuis ascendet, mode iiiMahrt1:22
13Organ interlude 25:12
14SanctusMass VII1:59
15Agnus DeiMass VII1:37
16CommunionPanem caeli, mode viiiMorse0:51
17Organ interlude 39:27

Vespers, Extraordinary Form
Friday, June 21
Ann Labounsky, organist

These tracks run continuously, with no gaps.
1PreludeThree versets on Iste Confessor, Jean Titelouze5:41
3Opening Versicle0:43
4Organ interlude 10:22
5First antiphonDomine probasti me, mode iii; first psalm, 138.I, tone 3.g2Mahrt3:31
6Organ interlude 20:46
7Second antiphonMirabilia, mode vi; second psalm, 138.II, tone 6.FHughes3:41
8Organ interlude 30:50
9Third antiphonNe derelinquas me, mode iv; third psalm, 139, tone 4.EMahrt4:17
10Organ interlude 40:42
11Fourth antiphonDomine clamavi ad te, mode viii; fourth psalm, 140, tone 8.cHughes3:19
12Organ interlude 51:04
13Fifth antiphonEduc de custodia, mode iii; fifth psalm, 141, tone 3.aMahrt3:26
14ChapterBeatus vir qui inventus est0:32
15Organ interlude 60:30
16HymnIste confessor, Tomás Luis de VictoriaBuchholz5:06
17VersicleJustum deduxit0:22
18Organ interlude 70:12
19Magnificat antiphonHic vir, despiciens mundum, mode viii0:27
20Magnificat octavi toniJean Mouton Buchholz11:09
21Magnificat antiphon repeated0:27
24Organ interlude 80:48
25Salve Regina, mode i2:45
26PostludeOffertoire sur les Grands Jeux, Nicolas de Grigny9:17

Saturday, June 22

Full recording17:52

Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ordinary form
Saturday, June 22
Rev Jonathan Gaspar, celebrant
Jonathan Ryan, organist

1PreludeToccata in E Major, BWV 566, Johann Sebastian Bach11:24
3IntroitSalve sancta parens, mode iiMorse2:50
4KyrieMissa osculetur me, Orlando di LassoBrouwers & Glenn2:30
5GloriaMissa osculetur meBrouwers & Glenn4:31
6First reading1:37
7GradualBenedicta, mode ivSchaefer4:23
8AlleluiaPost partum, mode ivHughes2:39
11OffertoryAve Maria, mode viiiMahrt5:54
12SanctusMissa osculetur meBrouwers & Glenn2:46
13Agnus DeiMissa osculetur meBrouwers & Glenn4:55
14CommunionBeata viscera, mode iDonelson5:08
15Communion motetAve Maria, Sergei RachmaninoffBuchholz2:50
16RecessionalAve maris stella, chantalternatim3:22
17PostludeFugue super Magnificat, BWV 733, J. S. Bach4:20

Sunday, June 23

Full recording16:34

12th Sunday of the Year (Year C), Ordinary form
Sunday, June 23, 11:00 AM
Msgr Joseph Mayo, celebrant
Doug O’Neill, organist

1PreludeToccata XI, Georg Muffat5:44
3IntroitDominus fortitudo plebis suae, mode iiBrouwers3:39
4KyrieMass of the English Martyrs, Jeff Ostrowski0:53
5GloriaMass of the English Martyrs2:17
6First readingRichard Chonak1:13
7GradualConvertere Domine, mode vHughes3:15
8Second reading1:11
9AlleluiaIn te Domine speravi, mode iiiMahrt3:12
11HomilyMonsignor Joseph Mayo12:01
12Credo III4:18
13Prayers of the faithfulMissal2:47
14OffertoryPerfice gressus meos, mode ivRyan4:35
15Motet at OffertoryAve Maria . . . benedicta tu, Josquin des PrezGlenn3:05
16SanctusMass of the English Martyrs0:38
17Mystery of FaithMass of the English Martyrs0:22
18The Lord’s PrayerMissal2:20
19Agnus DeiMass of the English Martyrs0:49
20CommunionQui vult venire post me, mode iCole3:25
21Communion motetO Jesu Christe, Jacquet de BerchemMalinka2:10
22Communion motetO sacrum convivium, Luca MarenzioBuchholz3:37
23Hymn of PraiseTake Up Your Cross, Bourbon2:42
24RecessionalLaudate Dominum, Michael DeSayeHughes4:37
25PostludeToccata XII, Muffat


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