Thursday, July 11, 2013

Benedictus - a new Catholic Liberal Arts College in London

Benedictus is a new Catholic Liberal Arts College in London. Inspired by the example of successful Liberal Arts Colleges elsewhere, Benedictus has been founded to provide the first such education in Britain.

The study of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Music, Geometry and Astronomy, leading to the higher disciplines of Philosophy and Theology, casting light on the order of the Universe and on Truth itself. (Dr Clare Hornsby, Founder, Benedictus)

Benedictus College of the Liberal Arts will be offering a fully accredited course leading to a BA degree. The first year of the course is a Foundation Programme in European Culture and Thought, which includes a ten-week term in Italy, studying in Rome and Florence. This programme is the perfect choice for gap year students, post-university gap years or sabbaticals and promises the opportunity to discover and explore the Liberal Arts and study some of the greatest works of literature, philosophy and art.

You can learn more in the video below, or visit the Benedictus website.

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