Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Young Man's Labours

With Laetare Sunday coming up, I am provided with an opportunity not only to show another rose vestment we have not shown here before, but also to show some new vestment work.

This particular set is the work of a 29 year old Italian man from Savona, Simone Silvagno.

I am told that it was out of his love for the sacred liturgy, specifically the usus antiquior, that this young man was inspired to learn the art of vestment making. I mention this point because I think this is precisely one of fruits which can and should flow from our love of the sacred liturgy and I wished to take a moment to highlight it -- not to mention to highlight the fact that such is indeed happening.

Craftsmen, just as composers, inspired by that love will naturally rise up, seeking to beautify the liturgy through their arts, clothing it in the fruits of their labours. The splendour of the liturgy and of our liturgical patrimony has this power to inspire in so many ways; spiritually of course, but also artistically and culturally. By the very same token, these pursuits not only have the effect of beautifying the liturgy, they also have an effect on us; they teach us of its dignity, solemnity and importance and assist us by drawing us ever more deeply into its mysteries and realities. Such is the evangelical power of beauty.

Returning specifically to Mr. Silvagno's work, seen below, the result is quite beautiful and very tasteful I think. I hope that he will continue to pursue his new found craft.

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