Friday, March 23, 2012

Scholarly Liturgical Articles, Antiphon, 2010

The Society for Catholic Liturgy recently published some of their 2010 articles from their journal, Antiphon, online and I am certain some of them will be of interest to NLM readers.

For example:

The Culture and Heritage of the Classical Roman Rite”, Abbot Michael Zielinski, OSB Oliv.

Renewal of the Liturgy in the Spirit of Tradition: Perspectives with a View Towards the Liturgical Development of the West”, Sven Conrad, F.S.S.P.

Foreword to Manfred Hauke’s Shed for Many, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith

Shed for Many: An Accurate Rendering of the Pro Multis in the Formula of Consecration”, Manfred Hauke

Friendship with the Fairest of the Children of Men: Relating the Ars celebrandi to Actuosa participatio", Owen Vyner

Brackets and Footnotes: A Way toward Mutual Enrichment”, Paul A. McGavin

Looking Again at Looking Eastward: Ad orientem Worship and Liturgical Renewal”, Madeleine Grace, C.V.I.

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