Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The New FSSP Church in Ottawa?

Below is a photo of St. Clement's, the present church of the FSSP in Ottawa; a church built in 1957 and of not terribly great architectural merit if we were to be bluntly honest about the matter:

Below is what is likely to become the new FSSP church in Ottawa, the historical parish of St. Anne, built in 1873 in the very recognizable French Canadian style that is found so frequently throughout the nearby province of Quebec.

It was recently announced that the councils of St. Clement's parish have, after a detailed analysis and consideration, recommended the move to historic St. Anne's; a recommendation endorsed by the pastor of St. Clement's as well. They are now soliciting feedback from the parishioners there it would seem.

Not that it matters, not being a parishioner, but such a move certainly would have my vote. Not only is the latter parish more architecturally beautiful, the parish itself is also historically significant. Overall it seems to be a more fortuitous and prominent face for the usus antiquior in Canada's capital city.

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