Thursday, March 08, 2012

New Edition of Les Heures Grégoriennes

A little over two years ago we spoke to readers about the Communauté Saint-Martin and their publication, Les Heures Grégoriennes (The Gregorian Hours) -- a Latin-French edition of the Liturgia Horarum which includes all the Gregorian melodies for the texts of the day hours of the modern Roman breviary; the primary audience of the publication being those parishes and communities who wish to celebrate the OF Liturgy of the Hours in Latin and using Gregorian chant -- a very noble and worthwhile venture to say the least.

Word has recently come to NLM from the Communauté Saint-Martin of a new, 2nd edition of this publication, released this past February 2012.

The work, published in three volumes, contains more than 1700 Gregorian works: "hymns, anthems, responses, and many newly restored antique pieces."

There is also the option to order separately accompanying CD's for learning the chants.

The set sells for 240€ (approximately $315 USD) and may be ordered here.

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