Saturday, April 02, 2011

French Humour: Louis de Funès and "Notre Dame des Courants d'Air"

[I am informed that this clip, which I originally discovered many months ago on Le Forum Catholique, comes from a 1968 film, Le Petit Baigneur, whose primary star, Louis de Funès, was very devoted to the Faith -- I note this for the reason that some can be uncertain how to interpret such humour, and may be concerned that the intent is anti-Catholic or anti-clerical. Certainly that is not my sense, and French sources assure me it is not the case as well.

The basic plot of the film seems to be as follows (from

"Louis-Philippe Fourchaume, another typical lead-role for French comedy superstar Louis de Funès, is the dictatorial CEO of a French company which designs and produces sail yachts, and fires in yet another tantrum his designer André Castagnier, not realizing that man is his only chance to land a vital contract with the Italian magnate Marcello Cacciaperotti. So he has to find him at his extremely rural birthplace in 'la France profonde', which proves a torturous odyssey for the spoiled rich man..."

What is humorous here is the all too recognizably human actions and reactions seen in the clip, not to mention the consequences of the sorry disrepair of the Church building -- which the parishioners and parish priest evidently are hopeful of remedying by way of their 'eminent' guest. Those in particular who have been involved with older parishes or with the human face and aspects parish life will no doubt particularly relate to the humour found herein. Some of our readers, too, may find certain of the liturgical aspects seen herein of interest -- particularly when you consider the date of the film. Enjoy the clip.]

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