Thursday, April 07, 2011

Catholic Student Society Chants Divine Office

It is always encouraging to hear of those who have chosen to take up the practice of personally praying the Divine Office, but it is all the more encouraging to hear of a group of students taking up the initiative not only to pray the Office, but also to chant the Divine Office together.

Last week, the NLM received this note:

Some friends and I have undertaken to sing Lauds and Vespers from the 1961 Breviarium Romanum and post recordings of the same on our student organization website. We sing these at Holy Name Church, Columbus, OH...

The student organization in question is the Catholic Student Society of the Holy Name and as they note, they have even taken to recording and posting their singing of the Office on their Divine Office page. (They also have a Divine Office Archive page.)

Here is a sample of what they are doing:

Very encouraging and a good reminder that with some will and motivation, much is possible, even with only just a handful of people. I hope others will take encouragement from this.

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