Saturday, April 16, 2011

150 Bloggers, An Additional Rome Blognic and a Guild of Catholic Bloggers

There has been quite a bit of discussion on the blogs about the recent invitation of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication for a Vatican "blog meet" of sorts. Apparently 750 or so bloggers applied to receive an invite, and the list of 150 bloggers invited to attend has now been released.

In the list of invitees are various names that will be recognizable to our readers, including Anna Arco of The Catholic Herald, Elizabeth Scalia (better known as The Anchoress), Fr. Gabriel Burke, Guillaume Luyt of Paix Liturgique, Hilary White, Rev. James Bradley of the Ordinariate Portal, Joan Lewis for EWTN, Katrina Ebersole (better known as The Crescat), Paolo Rodari, Rocco Palmo, Sandro Magister, Thomas Peters (American Papist), Tim Kelleher of First Things and Xavier Arnaud of Le Forum Catholique.

It will be interesting to hear their reports.

While we are on the topic, there is also an additional blog meet that has been coordinated, which initiative is being spearheaded by Hilary White. She is careful to point out that it is not to be understood as a "rival event"; indeed, it is at a different time and date. The intent is what the intent of all such "blognics" are: for bloggers to meet over a pint or a glass of wine. I know our own Gregory DiPippo is intending to be there for those who would like to meet him.

All of this has also spurred the idea of a Guild of Catholic Bloggers.

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