Sunday, October 03, 2010

God the Father at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow

I wrote an article recently, here, discussing the tradition of painting imagery of God the Father. One of the responses, from a 'Father G', directed me to the Russian Orthodox cathedral in Moscow, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. There are wall paintings of the Trinity including a dramatic God the Father, which I had never seen before. I thought other readers might be interested to see them. These are not true to the iconographic prototype, as someone else pointed out during the course of the in the discussion, but nevertheless very striking and interesting to see this in a Russian Orthodox church. As always I love the floor-to-ceiling adornment of the interior with sacred imagery that you see in so many Eastern churches. I have posted a few photographs below. For those who would like to see more, the gallery on the cathedral website is here. Thanks to Father G (and the reader who has just pointed out to me that the original 19th-century church was blown up by Stalin and only rebuilt in the 1990s!)

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