Monday, October 18, 2010

Compendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Series to Resume

After a long and difficult period following the deaths of my parents this past winter, I have finally reached the point where I can resume and complete the interrupted series of articles on the history of the Divine Office.

The first of these new articles will be posted tomorrow. I wish to thank for their patience especially those readers of the NLM who have written to ask when the series would be continued; I hope you find the results worth the wait.

For reference, here are links to all of the previous parts published last fall, and to the accompanying glossary.

Part 1 : The Basic Structure of the Divine Office
Supplement : Glossary of Terms Related to the Divine Office
Part 2 : Further Observations on the Medieval Office
Part 3.1 : 1529 vs. 1568
Part 3.2 : 1529 vs. 1568 (Matins readings)
Part 4 : The Hymns of Urban VIII
Part 5.1 : The Parisian Psalter
Part 5.2 : Further Observations on the Neo-Gallican Liturgy
Part 6.1 : The Divine Office in the Tridentine Church
Part 6.2 : The Age of Revolutions
Part 6.3 : The First Liturgical Movement
Part 7.1 : The Breviary Reforms of St. Pius X
Part 7.2 : The Psalter of St. Pius X
Part 7.3 : Assessment of the Reforms of St. Pius X
Part 7.4 : Appendix to the Reforms of St. Pius X

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