Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Watts Book of Embroidery

Many of our readers are interested in the sacred arts, and vestment design is certainly a major point of interest within that sphere. Accordingly, some of our readers will no doubt be interested to learn of the The Watts Book of Embroidery put out by Watts and co. of London.

The title is described as follows:

"The Watts Book of Embroidery is the first book devoted to the fascinating story of Victorian and Edwardian church needlework. Today remarkably little known, these embroideries document important aspects of nineteenth-century design by Pugin, Bodley, Morris, Kempe and others. Their making also contributed towards a new style in the 1870s "Art Needlework“ as well as providing a training ground for women who later stitched for the Suffrage Movement.

"The 200 illustrations, most especially commissioned for this book, show exquisite treasure from churches and convents throughout Britain."

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