Monday, August 30, 2010

The Vestment Work of Dom Hans Van Der Laan, OSB, Abbey of Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Some of you may recall some vestments which were shown here in June of 2009, which came from the first half of the twentieth century and were published in the French liturgical arts journal, L'Art de l'Eglise.

After posting these photos, one of our Benedictine readers wrote in to us to note that some of these were designed by a monk-artisan and architect, Dom Hans Van Der Laan, OSB, (1904 - 1991) of the Abbey of Oosterhout in the Netherlands. After this abbey closed, these vestments made their way to the French Abbey of Notre-Dame de Fontgombault -- which will need no introduction to most of our readers.

With the help of the Abbot of Fontgombault -- as well as Clear Creek Abbey -- I am very pleased to report to our readers that the NLM was able to secure current photographs of some of these vestments -- taken by the monks of Fontgombault, specifically for the NLM.

These vestments are interesting to consider from a few angles. First, as a reflection of one of the currents to be found in the Liturgical Movement, particularly within its more monastic context. Second, in the case of the chasubles specifically, simply as examples of the conical form. Finally, there are also some "Other Modern" aspects to be found in this work which might be of inspiration to present day vestment makers who are seeking after ideas or examples where there is an attempt to marry the tradition with certain aspects of modernity.

We begin with a red set which is, I think, quite stunning.

Here is a simpler green set of vestments. Typically, I have been somewhat resistant to non "hooded" copes, however, I believe both the red cope seen above, and the green cope below, do work rather well.

Finally, a violet set of vestments.


The following details will highlight some of the materials and designs.

The following is a detail from a set which I haven't shown.

* * *

I thought it might be interesting to combine some of these photos to show what they would look like as Solemn Mass sets. In the case of the violet vestments, it is difficult to tell whether they were intended as a part of the same set, but I will show it nonetheless.

Thank you again to the Abbot and monks of Fontgombault and Clear Creek for helping the NLM to show these.

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