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Readers of the NLM who have been interested in David Clayton's weekly writings here on sacred art will no doubt find this programming of interest:

Starting September 6th, “Way Of Beauty” a new Catholic art show will debut on CatholicTV. The show is hosted by Oxford-educated David Clayton, currently Artist in Residence at Thomas More College in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Way of Beauty takes a look at Catholic traditions in art as an expression of a Catholic worldview. Thomas More College established its Way of Beauty program to be taken by members of the freshman class. It draws on the principles articulated by figures from the early Church, such as Augustine which was drawn to our attention by John Paul II, Letter to Artists, and especially Benedict XVI who calls us to embrace the sacred arts.

Another component of the school’s effort to answer Pope Benedict XVI’s call for a rebirth of beauty and reverence in the liturgy, the school has been upgrading and improving the liturgical art of its chapel, which is situated within a converted 18th century farm building on the campus. This effort is being lead by David, who recently completed a six-foot painted wooden cross that now hangs over the College’s wooden altar. More about these efforts may be found at the school’s website:

The series will air at and on CatholicTV cable outlets.

Way of Beauty will examine what constitutes a tradition and how it is taught and passed on so that it can respond to the times, while retaining its essential principles. The series will show how the style of these traditions can be related directly to the liturgy, theology, and philosophy of the Church.

Way of beauty will examine Catholic artistic traditions such iconography and sacred geometry, which are often seen in Catholic Churches. The series will also take a look at artistic traditions such as gothic and baroque.

Starting the week of September 6th, the weekly schedule for Way of Beauty will be as follows (all times Eastern): Tuesday-midnight; Wednesday-noon; Thursday-7:30 p.m.; Sat 3:30 p.m. and Sun 6:30 a.m.

Each week, a new, full-length episode of Way of Beauty will be added to the website. Starting the week of September 6th, simply visit

Source: CatholicTV: New Catholic Art Show to Air on CatholicTV

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