Friday, February 19, 2010

Consistory on Several Causes of Canonization

Today, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI held a Public Ordinary Consistory for the Vote on Several Causes of Canonization in the Hall of the Consistory of the Vatican Apostolic Palace. Liturgically, this takes place within the celebration of the Hour of Sext. The Blessed to be canonzed are:

- Stanislaus Soltys (Kazimierczyk), Polish Priest of the Canons Regular of the Lateran (1433-1489).

- André (Alfred) Bessette, Canadian professed religious of the Congregation of the Holy Cross (1845-1937).

- Candida María de Jesús (Juana Josefa) Cipitria y Barriola, Virgin, Spanish foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus (1845-1912).

- Mary of the Cross (Mary Helen) MacKillop, Virgin, Australian foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart (1842-1909).

- Giulia Salzano, Virgin, Italian foundress of the Congregation of Sisters Catechists of the Sacred Heart (1846-1929).

- Battista (Camilla) Varano, Virgin, professed nun of the Order of Poor Clares and foundress of the monastery of St. Clare in the Italian town of Camerino (1458-1524).

Here are some images of the Consistory from Msgr. Marini arriving, with an Augustinian of the Papal Sacristy bringing the pontifical stole:

Other papal MCs arriving:

Participants of the Consistory arriving. Archbishop Raymond Burke:

The Pope wore a stole with the arms of Pope Benedict XV:

Archbishop Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, addressing the Holy Father:

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