Friday, January 02, 2009

Solemn Mass at Ss. Gregory and Augustine Oratory, St. Louis Abbey

Like the Toronto Oratory, Saint Louis Abbey recently offered its first Solemn Mass as part of their Christmas Masses at their Oratory of Ss. Gregory and Augustine. (St. Louis Abbey offers Masses in both forms of the Roman rite.)

Dom Bede Price, OSB, reports to the NLM that the Mass was well attended and that Dom Patrick Barry, the Abbot-emeritus of Ampleforth Abbey, who was visiting the Abbey, was also in attendance for this Mass.

He sent in the following images. (More comments to follow.)

A note about the vestments.

I have always been impressed by the vestments we have seen used at this Oratory which have been custom made by a private individual -- a friend of their abbey. They are very nice examples of the gothic form, employing noble materials, good colour and detailing, and in edifying proportions. The apparels on the amice and albs are also quite nice and seem particularly suited to the monastic context in which all of this takes place.

The frontal as well, made to match the solemn set, is also very good and hangs in a very dignified manner.

Kudos to the maker, as well as to the Abbey, for making these investments, which are investments in the dignity of their liturgies and liturgical life.

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