Friday, August 29, 2008

ICEL Policy on Global Computer Networks

Okay, what we have here is ICEL's clear policy on global computer networks, which doesn't appear on ICEL's website but does now appear here. As you can see, this is far from the public-domain ideal of, for example, the Book of Common Prayer or other liturgical materials, but it is a step in the right direction. Perhaps there will come a day when the Mass texts will be published as non-proprietary, so that they can be published and promoted without restriction and without a fee being owed to anyone.

Use of ICEL Materials on Global Computer Networks

ICEL texts and translations that have been approved by the Conferences of Bishops, have received the recognition of the Holy See, and have subsequently been promulgated for use on the date established by the Conferences of Bishops may be reproduced in a non-commercial site (“Site”) on the global computer network commonly known as the internet without obtaining written or oral permission, subject to the following conditions:

  1. there must be no fee charged to access the Site or any of the ICEL translations, texts, or music, thereon;
  2. The appropriate ICEL copyright acknowledgment must appear on the first and last pages and/or frames within the Site displaying the ICEL translation or text (see and click on “copyright policies“);
  3. The ICEL translations and texts must be followed exactly;
  4. These policies do not grant a license to publish texts in any other form or any other right in ICEL’s name and marks, and the Site may not display the ICEL translations or texts or otherwise use the ICEL name in any way that implies affiliation with, or sponsorship or endorsement by, ICEL;
  5. ICEL reserves the right to terminate or modify its permission to use its translations and texts;
  6. ICEL reserves the right to take action against any party that fails to conform to these policies, infringes any of its intellectual property rights, or otherwise violates applicable law.

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