Thursday, August 14, 2008

Developing a Glossary of Liturgical Terms

In the comments of the previous post, one commenter noted that they sometimes find, as one learning about the liturgy, some of the terms, acronymns and the like used in the posts here to be difficult to know or comprehend -- which can be a source of discouragement.

In view of that, it seemed to me like a reasonably good resource to create as a permanent link would be a "Glossary of Liturgical Terms".

Examples of things that might appear there would be:

"Versus Populum"

That this might be effectively accomplished, what is most important is that readers identify terms they don't understand. Sometimes what might seem obvious to some of us is not so obvious to others. In view of that, I would urge people to leave their suggestions in the comments.

Keep in mind as well that for those who have now learnt these terms and concepts, you can help by trying to recollect back to your "younger days" and recall what terms confused you then. Then, share those with us.

Feel free to leave comments anonymously as well if you'd rather not be identified.

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