Saturday, July 01, 2006

A new edition of Lauds and Vespers in Latin and English by Newman House Press forthcoming

Our dear Fr. Stravinskas mentioned a little gem in the comment boxes today and I wanted to share it with all:

I should also put readers onto a new publication of ours, actually an expansion of an earlier volume:

Lauds & Vespers, Latin-English

The original edition, coming out five years ago, had only the texts for the "per annum" or "Ordinary Time" cycle.

This expanded version has the entire liturgical year: Advent-Christmas; Lent-Easter; "per annum"; all solemnities.

Pre-publication offer (good until July 15) is $55. Send orders to: Newman House Press, 21 Fairview Avenue, Mt. Pocono, PA 18344. Or call, for further information: 570-839-2185.

If you go to the Newman House Press website, you can see the previous edition which this new edition will replace.

There you will see other very interesting titles such as:

The Bible and the Mass

Recovering a Catholic Philosophy of Elementary Education

The Daughter of Eve Unfallen: Mary in the Theology and Spirituality of J.H. Newman

Newman's Idea of a University: An American Response

and more.

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