Saturday, July 15, 2006

Monastic Products

For thos amongst us with distributist leanings, or who simply love monastic life and spirituality, the liturgical life incarnated into day to day existence through the holy rule of St. Benedict, I heard today of an interesting site from a friend: Monastery Greetings

Here is what makes them unique:

"the website and catalog that sells only products from monasteries, religious communities and hermitages. Here you will find products from more than 75 different communities in the United States and abroad (including numerous Trappist, Benedictine, and Orthodox monasteries)."

Monastic products are products of quality, formed in the bosom of prayer and the liturgy. To find then a resource that only sells products from monasteries and the like is fascinating.

You can go to their site for a free printed catalogue and they have much available on line.

Liturgically, of note you can find:

Incense Products


As well as other things. Check it out.

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