Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Musicam Sacram (1967), Paragraph 28, Latin

Can anyone dig up for me a copy of Musicam Sacram (1967), paragraph 28, in Latin?

There seem to be two translations out there.

First: The distinction between solemn, the high, and the low Mass, sanctioned by the 1958 Instruction (no. 3) remains in force, according to tradition and current law.

Second: The distinction between solemn, sung and read Mass, sanctioned by the Instruction of 1958 (n. 3), is retained, according to the traditional liturgical laws at present in force.

This is all related to a question that came up on another blog concerning whether it is ever permissable to refer to high and low Mass in the new rite. I gather it is not, but I would like to know why and under what authority. Did Musicam Sacram use the terms high and low, and, if so, what later document or practice reverses that usage?

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