Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Message from the CIEL 2006 Organizer

Dear Friends in Christ,

The CIEL 2006 Colloquium at Merton College Oxford is now only two months away, from the 13th to the 16th September.

We are very grateful to the most impressive line-up of speakers for contributing to what promises to be a very stimulating and interesting conference. The theme is highly topical in the light of recent pronouncements from Rome, particularly Archbishop Ranjith Patabendige Don's words last month: I am going to surprise you: nowhere, in the Conciliar decree, does it say that the priest must face the congregation, nor that the use of Latin is forbidden! If the use of the vernacular is permitted, particularly for the liturgy of the word, the decree makes it perfectly clear that the use of the Latin tongue is to be preserved in the Latin rite. Perhaps we are not so surprised by the fact, but we are delighted to hear this coming from the Secretary of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship. There is much hope in this, as in much else under our Holy Father Pope Benedict. We are greatly privileged to be a small part of this renewal, and we have a duty to assist the Church by our participation in furthering the understanding of the Faithful.

Please visit the website: for updates and further information on the Colloquium.

This is a reminder to all those who wish to come to send in their Booking Forms, as the deadline of 31st July is drawing close. These are available to download on the website, with new smaller versions for those with dial-up connexions. See the page in the side menu marked BOOKING.

Would you also be so kind as to forward this message to your Catholic mailing lists, this is an easy "one-click" apostolate, which will bear much fruit. Please also publicise the Colloquium in your parishes and communities. Please print and distribute paper copies of the form to any friends you know who do not have access to a computer. Copies can also be sent by contacting:, or by post from: CIEL UK, P O Box 500, Rochester, KENT ME1 1WU, UK.

Above all, please keep the work of CIEL in your prayers. And remember, do not delay! We look forward to seeing many of you in Oxford.

Yours in Domino,

A M J L Delarue
CIEL2006 Organiser

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