Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Holy Saturday 2021 Photopost (Part 2)

Just in time for the last day before the Ascension, here, finally, is the last photopost from Holy Week, which also includes some images of Easter Sunday. Including Palm Sunday, this series has had well over 600 photographs from churches over all the world, roughly comparable to the number we had in 2019. Considering that we had almost no photoposts last year, I think this is an encouraging sign that the good work of evangelizing through beauty will continue apace, so once again, many thanks to everybody who contributed. God bless, and get your cameras ready for Pentecost!
St Cuthbert’s Parish – Blackpool, England (Easter Sunday)
St Mary – Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (FSSP)
From one of our favorite photographers, Allison Girone, starting with a particularly good shot from above.
St Mary’s Oratory – Wausau, Wisconsin (ICRSP - Easter Sunday)
St Patrick’s Church – Albury, New South Wales, Australia
Notre Dame de Lourdes – Libreville, Gabon (ICRSP)
St Anne – Vilnius, Lithuania (Easter Sunday)
Igreja do Santíssimo Sacramento - Lisbon, Portugal
Photos by Fábio Azenha
12 Prophecies...
Tradition is for the young!
Easter Sunday
Nossa Senhora do Pilar – São João Del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Pontifical Mass on Easter Sunday celebrated by H.E. José Eudes do Nascimento, bishop of São João del Rei.
Vespers and Benediction on the evening of Easter Sunday
Oratory of Ss Gregory and Augustine – St Louis, Missouri
Photos courtesy of Kiera Petrick

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