Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Presentation of the Virgin 2020

Joachim took as his wife that most eminent and praiseworthy woman, Anne. And even as in ancient times Hannah, being stricken with barrenness, by prayer and promise became the mother of Samuel, in the same way this woman also through prayer and promise received from God the Mother of God, that in this respect also (i.e. in regard to fruitfulness) she might not yield in honor to any of the famous matrons. And thus Grace (for such is the meaning of the name of Anne) gave birth to the Lady (for such is the meaning of the name of Mary.) For indeed she became the Lady of all creation, since she is the Mother of the Creator. She was brought into the light in Joachim's house by the pool of Bethesda, and led to the Temple. And then, being planted in the house of the Lord, and nourished by the Spirit, like a fruitful olive-tree She became the dwelling place of all the virtues, as one who had lifted Her mind above every desire of this life and of the flesh, and thus had kept Her soul as pure as Her body, as was befitting for Her that would receive God into her womb. (From the treatise by St John of Damascus on the Orthodox Faith, book 4, caphter 5; the fourth lesson of Matins of the Presentation of the Virgin.)
The Presentation of the Virgin, by Sano di Pietro, 1448-52

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