Sunday, January 05, 2020

Special Chants for the Epiphany 2020

As they do every year, our friends of the Schola Sainte Cécile have posted on their website the current year’s Proclamation of the Movable Feasts, which is traditionally sung after the Gospel on the feast of the Epiphany. Also known from its first word as the Noveritis, its tone is basically the same as that of the Exsultet. Here it is in a jpg, which you can click to enlarge; click here to see a pdf version with some nice decorations.

“Know, dearest brethren, by the gift of God’s mercy, as we have rejoiced for the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, so also we announce to you joy for the Resurrection of the same Our Savior. On the ninth day of February will be Septuagesima Sunday. On the twenty-sixth of the same month, the day of Ashes, and the beginning of the fast of most holy Lent. On the twelfth of April, we will celebrate with joy the holy Easter of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. On the twenty-first of May will be the Ascension of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. On the thirty-first of the same month, the feast of Pentecost. On the eleventh of June, the feast of the most holy Body of Christ. On the twenty-ninth of November, the first Sunday of the Advent of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to whom belong honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.”

From previous years, I repeat a special tone for the chanting for the Gospel of the Epiphany; I have heard this used at Mass, and it is really quite beautiful. You can click these photos to enlarge them, or see it here in another very nice pdf format.

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