Saturday, January 18, 2020

Treasures of the Diocesan Museum of Treviso

Here are some pictures from the diocesan museum of the city of Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy, which contains many very beautiful objects. These were taken by Nicola during a recent visit; normally, he also photographs all the didactic panels as well, but in this case, a lot of items don’t have one displayed, so we don’t have ant detailed information.

The cover of a Gospel book made of embossed silver on wood, from the end of the 13th century, or beginning of the 14th.
The matching Epistolary
Two really nice croziers.
A gilded silver pyx made to hold the ashes used on Ash Wednesday, 1474.
A monstrance in the commonly used pre-Tridentine form, made of gilded silver and enamel at the end of the 15th century.
Two pax bredes - it was a common custom for these to have images related to Christ’s passion for use throughout the year, and others with the Lamb of God for Eastertide.
A statue of St Liberalis, a local Saint of the 4th century, in chiseled and embossed silver, 1639.
An altar frontal with the Last Judgment, Venetian, mid-14th century.
English sculptures of the Desposition of Christ and the Resurrection, 15th century.
The Martyrdom of St Thomas Beckett, by a Venetian artist of the mid-13th century.
The Harrowing of Hell, by the same.
A 15th century sarcophagus.
The Suffering Christ, by Thomas of Modena, 1354.
 Madonna and Child enthoned, with Ss Helen, Peter, Matthew and John the Baptist, by Jacopo Negretti, known as “Palma the Elder”; 1512-15
A French-made chasuble of the mid 19th century, hand-made silk embroidery on gold lamé. This was a gift to the diocese by Pope St Pius X, who was born in a small town called Riese within its territory, and ordained a priest thereof in 1858. At time of his appointment to the bishopric of Mantua in 1884, he was a canon of the cathedral of Treviso, chancellor of the diocese, and spiritual director of the seminary.
A copr decorated with the arms of H.E. Benedetto de Luca, bishop pf Treviso from 1739-50.

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